SkullMAX Desk Top Mount was developed for the smaller of the big game animals: Deer, Sheep, Hog, Black Bear, Antelope and medium size African game. It is a unique way to share your trophy.

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SkullMax Desk Top Customizable (Bar only) Mount


SkullMax Desk Top Bar: Due to requests, we made available the bar and clamp only. This is for all of you crafty, creative, artistic individuals. The bar can be epoxied in place. Connect this to any substrate that you can imagine, wood, rock, plastic, metal, etc.

SkullMax Desk Top Mount


SkullMax Desk Top: This is a Skullmax original, despite what others have claimed to create! Show your trophy off like you never thought possible. They look great anywhere, on the shelf, piano or desk. Hand made with an intense eye to detail. The wood/metal combination will complement your animal and the room around it. This product has a weighted base to ensure that your skull is safe and secure. Wife approved!