The most adjustable, versatile and secure European Mounting System available!


Our unique system is designed to securely display skulls of all sizes from any angle on your wall or desktop.


If you are unhappy, you may return your SkullMAX Mount for any reason. We stand behind our product 100%.


We hold the utility patent for our mounting system. Our design is truly the best. Don’t be fooled by knockoffs.

Easy To Install!

Not only are SkullMax Mounts the most secure European Mounting System on the market but they are super easy to install.

Detailed installation instructions come with each mount. Instructional videos are available on the SkullMax YouTube Channel. See for yourself, watch us install an Elk Trophy in 3 minutes!

  • Locate Wall Stud
  • Install Back Plate
  • Insert Clamp
  • Center and Secure Clamp
  • Lift and Attach
  • Position For Display
  • Secure Nut
  • Snap On Bolt Covers

More About Us

Who We Are

Our family owned business was born out of a spark of an idea. Hunting is a long standing tradition in our family and were raised appreciating the beauty of the great outdoors.

Being hunters ourselves, we thought about how awesome it would be to position your mount in any direction hanging on the wall or sitting on your desktop. From there, with a little ingenuity, SkullMax was created.

Why Choose Us

There is nothing else available like SkullMAX Mounts. We created our product for our own personal use with the desire of displaying our skulls with a more natural look.

In addition to being original, fully adjustable and 100% guaranteed, everything is made right here in the USA.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Maximum Adjustability
  • Ultimate Security
  • Originality
  • Simple Installation
  • Rugged Steel Construction
  • Our Warranty
  • Made In The USA